This starbirth picture book is meant to be an illustration for young children in pre-school. This implies that it does not focus on astronomical correctness, but is meant to give children an idea of the process that led to the formation of the Sun and the planets. You are welcome to use this simple illustration of the formation of the Sun to investigate with your children at home, in pre-school or kindergarten, or during astronomy camps.

There are complete german and english pdf versions below for download, as well as a blank version without text. The blank version can be annotated in any language.

Whichever version you use, please acknowledge the work that went into making this picture book and refer to the author.

Many thanks for your interest & enjoy!

Starbirth_dee_single.pdf              Starbirth pdf, deutsche Fassung (8 MB)

Starbirth_ene_single.pdf              Starbirth pdf, english version (8 MB)

Starbirth_blank_single.pdf              Starbirth pdf, no text - images only   (8 MB)