Academic CV

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Dr. Andrea Stolte
Nationality: German
Research Fields:
Astrophysics: Starburst clusters - formation & evolution
Adaptive optics observations
Infrared excess of young stars &  disk survival
Marine Ecology: Detection of microplastics in beach sediments


Practical experience

May 2016 - present Project Manager "Ghostnets"
WWF Germany Ghostnet project
Baltic Sea Office, WWF Germany
May 2015 - July 2015 Microplastics in Beach Sediments on Samos Island
Volunteering position
Archipelagos Institute, Samos, Greece

Graduate studies & Master Thesis

April 2012 - Feb 2015 Master studies in Envrionmental Sciences & Protection
Long-distance study course
University of Rostock
May 2014 - Dec 2014 Microplastics in Beach Sediments along the German Baltic Coast
Master thesis, Supervisor: Hendrik Schubert
Department of Aquatic Ecology, University of Rostock


Postdoctoral Experience

Oct 2008 - Nov 2013 Emmy Noether Fellow
EN Group: "Young, massive starburst clusters in the Milky Way"
Argelander Instistut für Astronomie
University of Bonn
May 2006 - July 2008 Galactic center group with Andrea Ghez
University of California, Los Angeles
Sept 2005 - April 2006 Starburst clusters with Wolfgang Brandner
Star & Planet formation group
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Sept 2003 - Sept 2005 FLAMINGOS survey of giant molecular clouds
led by Elizabeth Lada
University of Florida, Gainesville

PhD Thesis & Graduate studies

Jan 2000 - June 2003 The Stellar Mass Function in Milky Way Starburst Clusters
PhD thesis, Supervisor: Hans-Walter Rix
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Feb 2002 - Aug 2002 Adaptive optics in crowded stellar fields
Research assistent, NAOS-CONICA commissioning
with Wolfgang Brandner at ESO
Jan 2000 - Oct 2000 Tidal stream of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
Research assistent with Rodrigo Ibata
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Sept 1998 - Dez 1999 Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory
Research student in the MIT LIGO group led by Rai Weiss
Graduate studies in physics & astrophysics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Undergraduate studies & Diploma

Mar 1994 - Dec 1996 Physics Diploma: High resolution spectra of AGN
Supervisor: Ralf-Juergen Dettmar
Institute for Astronomy, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
Oct 1990 - Mar 1994 Undergraduate and pre-graduate studies in physics
Intermediate diploma, Gerhard-Mercator University, Duisburg

Teaching experience

Wintersemester 2011-2012 Star Formation Lecture
& 2012-2013 Master level, University of Bonn
Wintersemester 2009-2010 Teaching Assistent, Master level
Astrophysik I - Stellar astrophysics and interstellar medium

Community Services

Spitzer TAC 2007
Article reviews for Astrophysical Journal, ApJ Letters, Astronomy & Astrophysics


DFG Emmy Noether research project "Young, massive starburst clusters in the Milky Way"
HST research grant cycle 16
DFG international travel conference grant “Science with laser guide stars”

Practical Experience - Ecology Lab

  • Extraction of microplastics from sediment via air-venting in saline solutions
  • Microscopic identification of microplastics particles and fibres
  • Polarised light microscopy of polymers (dark field microscopy)
  • Photodocumentation of microscopic samples in visual and polarised light

Observational Experience

Keck NIRC2HK’L’ LGS-AO imaging
VLT/NAOS-CONICAJHKsL’M NGS-AO imaging and spectroscopy
NTT SOFIJHKs imaging
Calar Alto 3.5 m OmegaJHK’ imaging
Calar Alto 2.2 m CAFOSoptical spectroscopy
Kitt Peak 2m/4m FLAMINGOSJHK imaging and multi-object spectroscopy

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